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How we helped Data Clymer find top talent in record time.

About Data Clymer

️Based in Minneapolis, Data Clymer is a premier consulting firm with expertise in cloud data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytics.

The main focus is changing data culture within organizations and building modern cloud data systems that democratize data.

Services include solution architecture, full data stack implementation, system health checks, customized data connectors, and personalized training.

A wide variety of technologies are utilized, with a focus on implementing technologies such as Matillion, Snowflake, Looker and dbt.

The Challenge

Data Clymer was winning a lot of new clients and projects, so the team needed to hire people that could hit the ground running. Due to the nature of the projects, the team couldn’t afford to hang around.

Their recruitment partnerships at the time just weren’t cutting it. They weren’t supplying the right people in the right timeframes, so the Data Clymer team didn’t feel confident about delivering on all of the upcoming projects.

Data Clymer required 5 Data Engineers that knew Looker and dbt. Not only that, but they also needed people who were client facing, technically gifted, and lightning quick.



Working with Data Clymer very closely from the start, we quickly developed an understanding of what they needed.

From our experience in the market, we knew that one of the most important factors people look for in a role is progression.

Data Clymer employees spend 20% of their time at work upskilling, but their previous recruitment partnerships weren’t even communicating this to prospective employees.

Together, we came up with a detailed plan to communicate what progression within Data Clymer looked like. This addressed a major factor that we knew the right people would be enticed by.

By tweaking the pitch to include more on the learning & development opportunities and other benefits, we made Data Clymer a much more attractive proposition.

We also identified areas where their hiring process could be improved so that we could get the time to hire as low as possible and match their expectations.

Smooth out and speed up the hiring process.

Communicate the progression within the business.

Utilize our network to rapidly locate the right people.

The Results

We knew we had a strong network of talented data engineers with the right skillsets, which is why we focused on making sure the sell was right and the process as smooth as possible.

Our knowledge of what data engineers look for in a job came in handy, and we leveraged it to create a strong buy-in and attract people who could quickly make an impact at Data Clymer.

Ultimately, we helped Data Clymer make 5 hires that possessed everything the team was looking for, and all in a timeframe that allowed them to meet every project deadline.

Since then, the team is totally confident that they can take on new business and we will help them find people that have the right skills to deliver every single time.

We have been very happy with how Oakwell Hampton approached our project team builds. As each role has been filled so quickly, we are able to win more business, confident in the knowledge that we can find the talent and deliver on the projects.

Data Clymer

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