A photograph of Will Aldred

Will Aldred

Business Manager – Technology (NL)

+31 20 241 4822 +44 792 328 8317

Will used to work in customer service where he developed a real gift of the gab. He worked his way up to Business Development Manager before making the switch into recruitment and using his communication skills to match high-quality candidates with top companies.

Will helps us recruit the best JavaScript developers in the Amsterdam region.

Ideal holiday

A beach holiday with an unlimited supply of piña coladas and some great company.

Favourite food

Pizza. You can choose your toppings, get your 5-a-day, and eat it hot or cold! What’s not to like?

Favourite film

The Lion King (Mufasa is his idol).

Current Jobs

Senior Data Engineer (Hybrid)

Utrecht 6.8K - 7.8K Permanent

Data Analyst (Hybrid)

Utrecht 85K - 95K Permanent

Azure Data Engineer (Hybrid)

Utrecht 6.8K - 7.8K Permanent

Will found me via LinkedIn and offered to go through a couple of interviews. I agreed. During the interview processes Will always was very enthusiastic, cheerful and very professional. I have to admit that Will is the first talent acquisition specialist who was so dedicated to my case and to everything he was doing to find me a new job. He conducted negotiations on my behalf, he always believed in me, and never laid his hands down and finally our joined efforts got a new job for me. Therefore if you want to find a new job I would highly recommend contacting Will!

Yuri, Senior Software Developer